Hiring a Comedian for Your Event:

DEVILer Entertainment can provide everything you need to make your comedy show a complete success.... But please read this first so we can better understand your requirements.
  Hiring the right comedian can be a bit tricky if you don't know what you really need.  We have been  supplying comedians for private and public shows since 2001.
  Hiring a comedian is much more than watching a few minutes of a video clip and then making a choice.  We have booked our comedians in many types of events and have personally seen how the results can drastically vary based on the particular event and the comedian used.   
  Please read on and then complete our quote form so we can get the ball rolling. 
  There's no commitment, just a fast and easy way of finding the best comedian match for your event.  Sometimes a comedian is a bad idea for certain events, and we may actually tell you that, too.
  We are going to assume that you are looking for a very funny comedian for an upcoming event and it may even be this weekend!  You probably have little to no experience with this process and you don't want to be the person responsible for hiring a crappy/dirty comedian… correct?   If so, we would like to assist you in the process. 


  You will need a Location and a firm Date and Time for your event.  Please try to accomplish this before contacting us.  If you have no idea where to have your show we may be able to help you with this.  We work with many clubs, restaurants and caterers of whom we can direct you to.
  PriceLet me guess... you don't want to spend a lot?  Good news is that you don't have to spend too much to get a comedian for your event.  However, you must also realize that any comedian who is extremely funny, is getting a decent paycheck for what they do.  So experience and skill will cost you.
  You can also expect to pay a few bucks more for a comedian that does extremely conservative or "clean" act because there are fewer of them and they can charge more. 
  Most people are looking for a PG17 rated comedian who will be able to perform adult subject matter with limited or no cursing. 
  These type of comedians can do 30 to 55 minutes of extremely funny material and they generally charge $400 to $1500 (in some cases/plus travel costs) per show depending on whether your date is on an off day or weekend.  You will find comedians who will work for less than these prices, however our experience with no-shows and offensive material has lead us to no longer offer "budget acts" so expect to spend no less than $400 for this event.  Depending on the venue and comedian, you may be required to supply a PA system and lighting.  Do not try and save money by using a banquet room ceiling-type PA system for comedy, because the poor sound quality will drastically reduce the quality of the show.
  Roast:  If you want to roast someone for their special day (birthday/retirement/anniversary) be prepared to fill out a performer’s questionnaire (if they work with one) several weeks before a show so there’s plenty of time for him/her to write material.  Customized shows can be very personal and effective, but a performer needs lots of material from you to work with.
  Equipment:  All of our shows have full lighting and PA/DJ systems available if you are unable to provide one.  A comedian on a bad sound system is like a surgeon operating with dull and rusty scalpel, they can both get the job done, but its gonna be ugly!
  Type of shows - We believe that some comedians have better shows for private events than they do for comedy clubs.  Knowing what type of comedian to use for what type of event is something we are very good at and take pride in.  There are stand-up comedians, ventriloquist comedians, magician comedians, prop comedians, comedy teams, musical comedians and many more styles to choose from.  So we would need to learn a bit about your event in order to suggest what type of comedian would work best for you.
  Private or public shows. There are many things that are done differently based on what type of comedy audience will be at your event.

  We have been doing business since 2001 and the majority of our business is from word of mouth and referrals.  So if you would like to give us a shot, we would love the opportunity to prove ourselves and add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.  We are pretty down to earth people and our business is making people laugh so you can expect a great experience when doing business with DEVILer Entertainment.  We pride ourselves with our honest and reliable services.

  Thank you and we wish you the best of success with your event no matter what entertainment company you choose.
  Ken Camp