Hello and welcome to The South Jersey DEVILer. The South Jersey DEVILer is a monthly newspaper published twelve times a year. The South Jersey DEVILer is a FUN paper full of ENTERTAINMENT and jokes for your customers. In addition: sections on hunting, fishing, NASCAR, golf, and other sports are also included in each issue for the sports enthusiasts. FREE distribution of The South Jersey DEVILer includes the counties of Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Cape May, Atlantic, and parts of Burlington County. (There is no charge for the paper unless mailed). We print 20,000 plus copies per issue and have a growing subscription list of 700+, which is mailed nationwide and to many of our military bases overseas.

The South Jersey DEVILer is the top entertainment monthly publication in Southern N.J. and with that comes a very effective advertising tool for you, the businessman. As you already know, everyone will stop, even during the course of a busy day, and listen intently to a good joke. As will your customers stop and read the entire South Jersey DEVILer word for word.

Unlike weekly or daily newspapers that get tossed in the trash, The South Jersey DEVILers are collected and shared. Two out of three DEVILer readers will pass on their copy to a friend or family member, effectively doubling our number of actual readers. Advertising in The South Jersey DEVILer is affordable and very effective. Your ad will definitely get read! I hope that you will join me in the fun of everyday life without inhibitions and advertise in The South Jersey DEVILer. Just call or send us your advertising objectives. You may include an old newspaper ad or we will design one for you with your approval. I do encourage you to use a humorous tone, if that is what you desire in your ad.